How to achieve voluminous hair

Many hairstyles like the undercut or pompadour requires hair to be voluminous in order to pull off the look. But achieving voluminous hair is easier said than done. In this article, I am going to share some tips to help you achieve voluminous hair.

1. Use a volumizing styling product

Products like texture powder or hair mousse gives volume to hair during styling. Using these products will aid in helping you achieve volume more easily.

2. Blowdry to the opposite side

When blowdrying your hair, blowdry to the opposite side when it is still damp before blowdrying to the direction your hair falls naturally. This can help build volume in your hairstyle.

3. Tilt your head down and blowdry in the 'up' direction

Put your head down, and blowdry in the 'up' direction. Doing this for around 30 seconds will help you achieve volume more easily.

4. Lock your hairstyle using the 'cool' setting on your hairdryer

Once your hair is about to be dry, set your hair dryer's heat setting to 'cool' and blowdry your hair. Blowdrying with cool air will allow your current style to be lock in and this will help lock in and maintain the volume for styling.

5. Using the right products

Use hair wax/clay to help achieve the right volume for your hairstyle. Products like Mister Pompadour's Sculpting Clay and Blumaan's Original Styling Meraki can help you achieve and maintain volume in your hairstyle throughout the day. 

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