Latest product update: Blumaan

Blumaan is a brand that was founded by hair enthusiast YouTuber, Joseph Andrews. Blumaan hair product was formulated based on the opinions of a facebook community he created for everyday people like you and me to discuss about hair tips and tricks.

Styling Meraki

This product is formulated to act as both a pre-styler and post-styler and acts as a heat protectant which can protect your hair from heat when using the hairdryer or  Hair Iron. When used as a pre-styler, the styling Meraki gives better control and more volume during the blowdrying process. This product gives a matte finish and restyling capabilities throughout the day.

Hybrid Cream Clay

The hybrid cream clay is a light-medium hold product with the delayed hold activation technology, it works in such a way that it would activate a stronger hold after 15 minutes of applying the product, this locks your hairstyle into place after you are done styling. The smooth and creamy texture provides consistency makes application a breeze. The Hybrid Cream Clay also contains natural oil and blend of butter which nourishes your hair, keeping it healthy.


Cavalier Heavy Clay

The Cavalier Heavy Clay is a product with high hold that creates extreme texture to exhibit a messy and effortless look, its long-lasting hold ensures that your hair stays in place throughout the day so that you won’t have reapply the product. This product creates a natural matte finish and gives the versatility of restyling your hair at any time of the day.


Here is the link to his youtube channel and Facebook Community for Tips and Tricks!