Tips and Tricks for Healthy Hair

Flexstyle Hair Tips and Tricks

Use Organic Products

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Use Products which does not contain parabens or sulfate, these chemicals can potentially cause drying and irritation of your scalp, causing long-term damage to your hair. Products which are organic would include the Mister Pompadour and Blumaan Product line which is formulated to be 100% organic and infused with natural ingredients to keep your hair healthy. Organic Products are also mostly easier to wash off, therefore, avoiding buildups in your hair making your hair smoother and softer.

Use Natural Hair Oils

Use Natural Oils like Argan oil and coconut oil which can be purchased at your neighbourhood pharmacies. Argan oil is extremely high in Vitamin E and antioxidants which can help to fight off dandruff and dry scalp, it can also help to tame frizzy hair by using it as a leave-in conditioner. Also, Argan Oil can help to minimize heat damage from appliances like hair-dryer and hair iron, however, we would still recommend using heat protectant which can better protect your hair. Coconut oil can help stimulate hair growth and also prevent dandruff 

Always Use Heat Protectant 

 Heat protectant is extremely important when using appliance which emits heat such as blowdryer and hair iron, this is because heat can cause lots of damage to our hair, for example, heat can leave a hair dry making it prone to breakage. Heat protectant comes in a form of a spray which can be purchased at your neighbourhood pharmacies or as a form of being infused in a product, one such example is the Blumaan Original Styling Meraki which can act as both a pre-styler and post-styler and has heat protectant element in it!  So why bother to buy a heat protectant spray when you can purchase the Original Styling Meraki which functions both as a hair styling product and a heat protectant.

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