Types of hair brushes

Paddle Brush

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The paddle brush is a gentle brush which does not pull out your hair, it simply glides through your hair and it is designed to smoothen out your hair and detangles knots. The paddle brush can also be used to distribute hair products more evenly. It is highly recommended to use the paddle brush when your hair is slightly damp during the blowdrying process, this provides the hair a more defined direction.

Round brush


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The round brush is used to create a large amount of volume in your hair which can be achieved by curling the front of your hair during the blowdrying process. It is recommended to use this brush when your hair is less damp as this brush would pull out your hair.

Vented Brush



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The Vented Brush gives you the best of both worlds as it provides both the functionality of a round brush and a paddle brush. Unlike a round brush which has bristles all around it, the vented brush gives the user the versatility of using it to smoothen the hair and distribute hair products evenly. It has spaces between bristles for air to flow, allowing your hair to dry faster during the hair drying process.


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 A comb provides you to perfect even the smalles detail and it is usually used with products that provide a slick and shine finish such as hair pomades and gives your hair a neat and professional look. It is recommended to use a comb on slightly drier hair as using it on damp hair can potentiall cause hair loss. In future articles, we would also cover the various types of combs and their uses so do stay tuned to our blog and follow our instagram for latest updates.


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