Types of hair products

There are so many kinds of hair products for different hairstyles that it might confuse you and affect your decision to buy the correct product. This article is going to explain what are the various hair products and their features so hopefully it will help you make the correct decision.


Pomades are suitable for slick and neat hairstyles with a shiny finish. Pomades are suitable for many formal occasions and are used in many classic hairstyles like the slick back or classic side part. They provide high hold and allows your hair to be restyled throughout the day.











Pomades are categorise into two types, oil-based and water-based. Oil-based pomades typically have higher hold and long lasting shine but as oil and water do not mix, it is a hassle to completely wash out the hair product from your hair. Doing it will strip off the natural oils from your hair and can damage your hair in the long run.  

Water-based pomades are more popular as they can be washed out easily and can achieve similar results without the drawbacks of oil-based pomades. Their hold might not be as strong but it allows your hair to be restyled throughout the day.

A example of a water-based pomade is Imperial Barber's Classic Pomade

Hair Clay

A relatively new hair product, they range from a thick to creamy consistency. Clays are normally more suitable for thick hair and they provide high hold and matte finish. Clays are ideal for hairstyles with high volume and texture. Clays also have many benefits such as drawing dirt from your hair and provide nourishment to your hair scalps. Ideal hairstyles that can be used with clays are undercuts.


One example of this product is Mister Pompadour's Sculpting Clay.

Hair paste

Hair paste are thicker in consistency compared with pomades, they feel similar to toothpaste and are ideal for hair styles with texture or messy bed hairstyles. They usually provide medium to high hold and have medium to high shine. It is ideal for all hair types from thin to thick, from short to long. They are water soluble so washing them out is not a problem.


A great example of this kind of product will be Mister Pompadour's Beeswax Paste which can provide texture and flexible high hold.


There are many different kinds of hair products in the market nowadays so don't be afraid of trying them out, some hair products might not sound ideal to you but you will never know unless you use it on your hair! 

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