By Vilain Dynamite Clay
By Vilain Dynamite Clay

By Vilain Dynamite Clay

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The By Vilain Dynamite Clay is uniquely formulated which adds texture to lifeless hair and gives it a fuller appearance. It helps to tame even the most unruly, thick hair and is suitable for all hair types. This product gives a matte sculpting and gritty texture and allows you to create spectacular hairstyles everyday.

How To Use:

1) Apply pre-styler to damp hair (eg. Hair mousse, texture powder, hair oils, hair creams)

2) Blowdry hair to preferred style and direction (Blowdry your hair in the opposite direction to achieve more volume and then comb back to the direction your hair naturally falls on)

3) Scoop a nickel-sized amount and spread through your palms or fingertips

4) Once you make sure your hair is dry, apply product on hair and style from back to front

5) Blowdry to achieve stability and apply hair spray (optional) 

Tips: Control your hold strength by experimenting with how much water to use when styling your hair.

Hold: Strong

Finish: Matte Finish